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Starting with 2007 issues, the peer reviewing process will be blind.
En comencand avec les numeros de 2007, les activites  du cmite de lecture seront anonymes et discrets.
Incepand cu numerele din 2007, procesul de recenzare a materialelor trimise, se va face anonim.

We are recommending the TeX file format. But we will accept Microsoft  Word 2003 or WordPad papers.
Nous preferons des fichiers TeX. Mais on acceptera des fichiers Microsoft  Word2003 ou WordPad aussi.

Recomandam formatul TeX. Se pot trimite insa si texte Microsoft Word 2003 sau WordPad.

 IDEAS for the future issues themes /  SUGGESIONS pour les themes des suivants numeros de la revue /  PROPUNERI pentru viitoarele numere

1 / 2007   Semiotics and expressivity /  Semiotique et expressivite  /Semiotica si expresivitate
2 / 2007   Logic and literature / Logique et litterature / Logica si literatura
1 / 2008   Semiotics and abduction / Semiotique et abduction / Semiotica si abductie



To complete the issues already in pre-publication process,

the editor of  ROSLIR has  decided to announce 2 international essays prize competitions:


1 / 2007 Semiotics and expressivity / Sémiotique et expressivité / Semiotica si expresivitate 
2 / 2007 Logic and literature / Logique et littérature / Logica si literatura 

Essays will be judged by a process of blind review. 


Any topic may be addressed systematically, historically, or through a combined approach. 


The selection process will have 2 phases, one focused of quality and the other searching the originality.

The selected papers for the second phase (originality) of each competition will also be published.


Papers should be submitted in English, French and/or Romanian.

A paper submitted in two of those languages will have priority for publication, if selected for the second phase.


Under each topic, the winning essay will receive a prize of $500.

The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2008


Papers will be submitted electronically, as Microsoft Word 2003 or WordPad files.

Essays should be double spaced and no more than 8000 words in length. 

Submissions should not have been previously published or submitted for publication.


All papers should indicate the topic they are participating in, and sent to: or or







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